analogizerDespite the vast amounts of music recoded on computers, tablets, and phones, the allure of analog recording persists. In recent years there has been a proliferation of audio processors that attempt to emulate the qualities of vintage recordings.

In this vein, Electro Harmonix’s Analogizer is a versatile and compact pedal intended to thicken and and enhance guitar tones. Particularly if you record with DI instruments and digital effects (digital┬ádelay/reverbs/EQs etc.), placing the Analogizer at the end of your chain will help to define color and clarity in sound.

The Analogizer has four controls: Volume, Blend, Gain, and Spread. Volume is a nearly transparent trim that controls the master output of the pedal, allowing the pedal to function as a boost or at unity level. Gain hits earlier in the signal path with a darker drive circuit for beefier tones. Once adjusted Volume and Gain for the desired coloration, the Blend control allows you to tweak the ratio of dry to effected tone. The Spread knob, which delays the wet signal, sweeps across a range of sounds: tonal shifts, mild ambiences, even a 15 ips tape slapback effect.

If you’re looking for a wide variety of analog sounds on a tight budget the Analogizer is a powerful and useful tool. It can function as a set-it-and-forget-it processor for recording, an overdrive, ambience/delay or simple clean boost. Overall, the Analogizer is successful in summoning the lustrous tones of vintage recording. – Ezra Tenenbaum