NYC based stompbox maker Pigtronix follows up their 2006 Echolution delay pedal with its badass sequel, the Echolution 2 standard and deluxe (pictured).

With basic delay function that spans from 10ms to 10s repeat time and secondary delays to generate multi-delay patterns, this pedal is already extremely versatile, but it’s the extra-delay effects that give the Echolution 2 added character over its predecessor.

It boasts, “…8 different filter modes, multiple LFOs, freeze, reverse, bit-crushing and totally original cascading octave effects created by the HALO and JUMP functions.” Even more impressive, both versions of the pedal include a PC/MAC application that allows for preset sharing with other Echolution 2 users and real-time access to the deluxe model.

As stated by company president, David Koltai, “The Echolution 2 incorporates everything we have learned from a decade of effects design and customer feedback to create a uniquely powerful sound design tool.”

Check out the Pro Guitar Shop Demo below.