New from the legendary team at Electro-Harmonix (who’ve been churning out a considerable amount of new pedals in the last few months), the Lumberjack Logarithmic takes a new approach to the design of the overdrive pedal.

By sticking with classic volume and boost knobs, which respectively control overall output level and input signal, Electro-Harmonix has room to experiment with the Lumberjack’s overdrive function, and they certainly do. The Lumberjack’s response is based on a logarithmic curve (rather than a linear one) and the change between two values is perceived as a ratio of those values. Therefore, a change from 1 to 2 (ratio 1:2) is perceived as the same as a change from 4 to 8 (ratio of 1:2). This keeps the overdrive nice and responsive to input dynamics and offers a huge range of fuzzy boosts to mess around with.

If there’s ever been a reason to get excited about a pedal release, a completely new distortion pedal from the same manufacturer that gave us the Big Muff would probably be it. Check out this video from the manufacturer to get an idea of how it sounds.