Tucked just south of the Mexican border lies the town of Tijuana, a small city rich in history, that has made a name for itself in the States among the under-21 crowds craving some sanction-free fun, and, perhaps, among fans of the prominent brass band. But there’s a new reason for gearheads to turn their ears toward the Baja California region. Paradox Effects is a boutique pedal company churning out some wild, devilishly crafted stompboxes with an emphasis on their handmade quality, wicked graphics, and anomalous innovation. (Click on the gallery below to see the pedals’ video demos)

Right now, the 4-year-old company boasts a line of 6 pedals that range from the Oniric, a “psudeo-aleatory delay module” to the Defibrillator a self-described “reanimating shock fuzz.”

While Paradox Effects is certainly distinguished by the highly experimental devices they pride themselves on, each of their pedal casings also features unique artwork that falls somewhere in-between quirky and dreamed-up-by-a-madman. With the sweeping versatility of their effects, and their attention to crafting stompboxes that are ergonomically designed with the musician in mind, it’s clear that the company stands behind their statement that their products are made with “mucho amor y dedicación.” – Olivia Sisinni