A dual filter pedal packed with creative features, the Old Blood Noise Float is a breath of fresh air in an effect niche that too often only caters to funk guitarists – while historically filters are at the basis of electronic music.

OBNE’s first digitally controlled analog pedal, Float is a stereo textural machine that features two independently controllable filters and sewveral ways to get them in motion through synched or interlacing LFOs, linked reactive elements, classic envelope filter sounds, auto-wah as well as more subtle modulations closer to harmonic tremolo and phaser.

The two filters have separate controls for type, cutoff frequency, LFO rate, envelope sensitivity, LFO shape, resonance, and volume, and the output can be routed in different ways to work in full stereo or parallel mono. Under the hood switches allow extra tweaking of LFO phase and envelope reaction speed.

An Expression output allows to externally control the Cutoff or Rate for each filter.

Here are the first videos of the Float, it looks and sounds inspiring!

Old Blood Noise Float, Builder’s Notes

Turning our predilection for parallel signals toward the world of filters and widening out to full stereo, we are pleased to unveil OBNE’s first digitally-controlled-analog pedal.

Float boasts two independently controllable filters and copious capabilities for motion. Utilizing the two filters in tandem can create stereo movement, linked reactive elements, and modulations that approach harmonic tremolo and phaser, as well as classic filter sounds.

Float features:

• Two independent filters, each with control over filter type, cutoff frequency, LFO rate, envelope sensitivity, LFO shape, resonance, and volume

• True stereo, parallel mono, or series mono operation via top-mounted jacks

• Min/max toggle for precise sculpting of LFO and envelope range

• Sync toggle to link the LFO or envelope elements of Filter 1 to Filter 2

• Expression jack to externally control Cutoff or Rate for each filter

• Soft touch switching with true relay bypass

• Hidden settings for LFO phase and envelope speed

• Pedalboard friendly size

• Requires at least 100mA 9VDC center negative power