The Old Blood Noise BL-37 Reverb is the third pedal in the company’s inspiringly quirky BL line, after the BL-44 Reverse and the BL-82 Chorus/Delay.

Just like those two pedals, the BL-37 features a slightly unusual approach mostly delivered by a diagonal Clock Fader, that in this circuit affects the timing of the entire system, acting as a deviant “size” knob that determines the length of the reverb’s tails but also their character (or, if you wish, “lo-finess,” which increases at higher Clock settings).

Modulation applied to reverb is a recent trend in pedals, and in the BL-37 that effect is applied at two points in the reverb trail, to convey a unique wandering and lush character to the reverb. The Feedback knob increases the decay of the reverb together with the modulation’s character.

The other two knobs for Mix and Volume do what’s expected of them.

Here are the videos!

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Old Blood Noise BL-37 Reverb, Builder’s Notes

BL-37 is a reverb pedal within our BL line. It features modulation at two points in the reverb trail to give a wandering, lush reverb unlike any of our other reverbs, with a simplified control set. The Clock slider is the key to its magic, moving from a quick, tile-bathroom echo out to a dark, lofi-stretched reverb, unlike any space in existence.

  • Clock to affect the timing of the entire system, moving from quick snappy reverb to long strange tails.
  • Feedback to lengthen the decay of the reverb and increase the modulation character.
  • Mix to set effect blend from 100% dry to 100% wet
  • Volume to set overall volume
  • Soft-touch bypass footswitch for true bypass and minimal switch noise
  • For more information, see the BL-37 manual available here.
  • Requires 9V DC center negative 2.1mm jack power supply capable of 110mA (not included)
  • The art of BL-37 is by Brandy M Patterson
  • https://www.bmpatterson.com/