od glove1

Electro Harmonix has been quiet on the distortion front for a while until what will probably be remembered as… the summer 2014 DISTORTION EXPLOSION! We already blogged about the East River Drive and the reissue of the Hot Tubes just a few months (if not weeks) ago, and here we are again with some newer news.

The third EHX distortion pedal of 2014, released in September, is the OD Glove, EHX’ take on the versatile modern overdrive. The box features three simple knobs (Volume, Tone and Gain), a mids boost switch, and a hidden, in the box feature that allows you to adjust the feel of the pedal by changing its voltage – 9 volt for a more compressed sound, 18v for a more amp-like, open sound.

If the Hot Tubes Nano can be categorized as a vintage sounding pedal, and the East Rive Drive as a transparent and classic sounding, the MOSFET based  Glove seems to aim instead at covering all the basics, a trend many manufacturers of distortion pedals have been embracing in the last few years. The press release promises tones ranging from sparkling clean boost through brown crunch all the way to thick, saturated hi-gain. Thanks to these miracles called “videos” and “the internet” you can check if this claim stands the test of… your ears right here, right now – see/hear the demo below!