Groff Firestorm Distortion

Based out of Lancaster, PA, Groff Amplification is a boutique builder that forges custom amps and already has four tweakable gain pedals in their roster. The Firestorm is their distortion with a distinct Plexi style (it’s based on the Marshall Guv’nor).

Running at 9v or 18v for big headroom lovers, the Firestorm features the three classic knobs you’ll find on most distortion pedals (Level, Gain, and Tone) and two toggle switches that open up a few sonic options. The Bass switch gives you three settings with different low-end values, while the Clip switch on the right delivers three clipping diodes flavors: Germanium, Silicon or LED.

The LED clipping will give you a more mid-focused and less bassy distortion, while the Silicon and Germanium options will deliver a brighter tone, with the latter producing a slightly tamed low-end.

Have a listen to the Groff Firestorm Distortion for yourself in the video below.

The Groff Firestorm Distortion is a high-octane tone monster capable of delivering loads of gain and level boost while remaining smooth and refined. The beautifully voiced tone stack ensures you can cut through the mix and is never thin or brittle. Flexible EQ and clipping options means it can be dialed in to play nicely with your rig and personal tastes.

Based loosely on the original Marshall® Guv’nor, we’ve added plenty of updates and tweaks to make this pedal unique and flexible.

The “Clip” switch allows you to select between three diode combinations, dramatically changing the changes the dynamics and character of the pedal.

LED Clipping delivers crisp mid-driven ‘800’ crunch tones with loads of gain and headroom.
SI Clipping uses 1N914 silicon diodes for more saturation and a smoother breakup.
GE Clipping uses 1N270 germanium diodes for a warmer, harmonically rich distortion tones.

A “Bass” switch modifies the low-pass filter, and increases or decreases the bass response of the pedal, allowing you to match the pedal to your amp and musical style.

Each Firestorm pedal is hand-built in Lancaster, PA and finished with a rugged aluminum enclosure, Neutrik jacks, Alpha pots, a soft-touch relay true-bypass footswitch, and a beautiful hammertone finish.

Backed by a 5-year limited warranty.