1590A Echo Delay

While many guitarists see the digital rack delays of the ’80s as hopefully obsolete, they still enjoy remarkable popularity among players into shoegaze rock, which – some say – wouldn’t sound the same with a different kind of delay, which introduced some pleasing sounding artifacts shoegazer players have become attached to.

Wouldn’t be handy, though, to be able to leave home that bloody rack and replace it with a pedal – or, even better, a mini-pedal? Enter Mr. Black’s Mini Echo-Delay, an “80’s Rock Delay and Echo.”

Here are the first videos of it.

Designed to replicate the lush, clear echo tone that only digital rack delay units of the 1980’s could produce, the Mini Echo-Delay includes gentle and dynamic modulation which adds and enhances to the rhythmic shimmering movement those units were famous for.

With self-cancelling oscillation on bypass, 80mS – 860mS delay time, and an ultra-compact footprint, you’ve got everything you need in a pint-sized, pedal-board friendly delay.

Handmade and built to last by real live humans, right here in Portland, Oregon using only premium parts for superior tone and years of dependable service.