SeafoamChorusPreview 1024x9341

Oklahoma based manufacturer Keeley Electronics is an established name in the world of guitar pedals, offering both original effects and mods on classic Boss, RAT and Ibanez models. They claim a particular attention towards the process of “discovery” of the right component for each tonal idea they are trying to achieve, and they obviously have a sympathy for Germanium Transistors.

Their latest stompbox is the Seafoam Chorus (pictured). Designed with professionals and studios in mind, it features a custom noise canceling circuit using Burr Brown SoundPlus technology, an active tone control, and the company’s signature JFET amplifiers.

Keeley will be present with a full board and some pedals in the mixed boards at our Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit at Main Drag Music on October 19-20, come to try their effects!