Québécoise stompbox builder SolidGoldFX‘s goal is to make (hand made) pedals that blend the warmth and feel of the best vintage effects with the clarity, response, and tone expected from modern day electronics. They also have a custom shop for some more wild and personalized creations.

Their latest effect is the Zeta Superdrive, a fine tuned variation of their classic SuperDrive.

Stripped down with an uncomplicated no frills interface, the Zeta offers everything from light overdrive to warm, medium bodied saturation, and features a low gain tuning with its own distinct “greasy” character and just the right amount of snarl. Its tailored mid-range presence and a focused tone sweep deliver a sound that is sweet throughout. In addition to these features, the Zeta also has Jfet based preamp that offers a hint of sag and subtle compression that giving it just the right amount of push-pull feel. If you are looking for a dynamic drive with a distinct character the Zeta is for you!

Check out the demo below, and come and try this and other SolidGoldFX pedals at our Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit at Main Drag Music  on October 19-20.