Mod Electronics Seismic / Shift

MOD Electronic, previously known as Mod Kits DIY, launched a new series of DIY pedal kits called Nexus Series, featuring kits with a PCB base rather than the traditional point-to-point wiring kits. The Seismic / Shift is the first kit in this line, a JFET Boost pedal of the “non-clean” variety.


This rather simple clone is a recreation of the preamp section of the vintage Echoplex and has a build difficulty of 1 out of 5, which represents an ideal entry for anybody who is curious about the inner workings of effects pedals. Once completed, it will deliver enough volume to get your amp to break, adding a subtle pleasing sonic character while at it. It works well also in front of other gain pedals. We can expect future releases to increase the difficulty level.

Check out the demo of the Mod Electronics Seismic / Shift, and consult our Beginner Guide to Pedal Modding!

The Seismic / Shift is a JFET boost based on one of the earliest effects to ever be used on stage. This pedal adds subtle color to a guitar’s sound while maintaining the natural tone of the guitar. It packs a serious punch that can cut through any mix when soloing or whenever some extra “umph” is required. The Seismic Shift pairs nicely with amps and other pedals. Place it ahead of tubes, preamps, overdrives, distortions, and fuzz pedals to shift your gear onto a new level.

The Seismic / Shift pedal kit is the introduction to the Nexus Series from Mod® Electronics. This series features a PCB base rather than the Mod® Electronics’ traditional point-to-point wiring kits to offer builders an even wider variety of effects to build. The Seismic Shift kit is designed for all skill sets and is the perfect first build for those unfamiliar with PCB construction.

The pedal operates on both 9VDC and 18VDC. A center negative power supply is required for use (not included w/ kit). There is no battery connection. When using 9VDC the pedal draws 8mA. When using 18VDC the pedal draws 16mA. The enclosure size is a standard 1590B (4.4″ x 2.4″ x 1.2″).