If you belong to the category of guitarists who enjoy stompboxes that have the potential to inspire with their versatility and uniqueness, you should take a look at F-Pedals’ RobotHolic. This is an interesting pedal that – quite surprisingly – manages to pack the following effects in a tiny (and truly good looking) 3.6″ x 2″ enclosure:

  1. Boost/Distortion circuit
  2. Analog-ringmod-resembling modulation effect
  3. “LOFI” mode – basically a high pass filter that emulates an old AM speaker

If that was not enough, the California based company’s engineers also found room for a backlit mix knob and a connector for an external expression pedal, which affects the modulation’s rate for cool sweeps and sci-fi tone shifts.

Like all the other offerings by F-Pedals, the RobotHolic comes in an Wireless F-Powered version, which uses built-in, custom designed, rechargeable and replaceable battery that provides steady power to the pedals through magnetic induction for approximately 20 hours once its fully charged. Both F-Pedals and F-Board can be used with a conventional power supply for a seamless integration with users’ existing set-up.