Another interesting Tubescreamer variation has come out of  Czech Republic’s HDR Amplification‘s labs, by the name of the Bluerider Overdrive. Offering the beloved mid-range warmth and classic bite of the venerable Ibanez design, HDR has expanded on the idea to create a slightly more versatile and far-reaching overdrive.

The control scheme is quite familiar to pedal-junkies, with the standard ‘Gain’, ‘Tone’, and ‘Level’ controls. Also present is a gain switch to enable more harmonic content to pass through signal. While the Bluerider has plenty of saturation on tap, at cleaner settings it serves as a solid clean boost, coloring the signal in a very transparent way.

All the industry-standard design elements are here as well – solid metal enclosure, true bypass switching, and AC or 9v battery power options. For those looking for ‘that’ Tubescreamer sound with some more options in the gain range… here it is! – Brandon Stoner