DLS Effects
is offering the guitar world a new ‘spin’ on a classic and timeless guitar effect – the rotary speaker effect. Long used paired only with a Hammond organ, early guitar players and recording engineers discovered that the rotary effect sounds ridiculously good when used on electric guitars.

The control scheme of the RotoSpin seems daunting at first, but the learning curve is not that steep. The standard footswitches for controlling on/off function and the speed (fast/slow) are there as expected, as well as two pots for controlling the fast and slow speed independently.

Controls for manipulating the ‘mechanics’ of the effect are affected through the Tweeter Intensity and Bass Rotor controls. Simulate what it would be like to alter an actual Leslie cabinet by adjusting rotation of the horn and adjusting the amount of Doppler effect present – the feature that makes the rotary effect so cool in the first place. Ramp controls the amount of transition time between the two speeds.

One of the coolest features of the RotoSpin is an optional overdrive which can add a great, vintage edge to the effect. Stereo outputs, 9v power, and rugged enclosure with a smaller footprint round out this unique offering from a company with some very interesting ideas. – Brandon Stoner