OdieClassic1[1]Chellee Guitars, out of Orange City, Florida has conceived a new take on a classic overdrive design and packaged it into a solid and affordable guitar pedal. The Odie Classic Overdrive offers the articulation and compression of the great vintage overdrives with more options to shape the drive than in any boutique pedal in its price point. Chellee has made sure that this drive is designed for the player, making it both high-quality and affordable.

The standard 3-knob (drive, tone, level) controls are there, but the toggle switches are where this drive excels. There is a voicing switch to shift between clipping diodes, and an EQ voicing that lets you select the bottom end shelf.

These extra tone-shaping options allow the player to tailor the sound to their specific rig. Look for more innovative designs from this up and coming manufacturer, and check out the video below comparing this pedal to the other “non classic” Odie OIverdrive.- Brandon Stoner