Our friends at NYC’s own Eventide just sent us a review unit of their multi-effects studio-worthy processor, hidden in a stompbox form: the H9 Harmonizer Effects Processor (one of them is also up for grabs until Wednesday here by the way). We will be giving this monster a full review, but in the meantime, here’s what you need to know.

It looks incredibly easy and intuitive to use, and is set up like many modern programmable delays, with two true bypass switches controlling both on/off and tap tempo.

The H9 works in mono or stereo and could easily be used as an outboard processor. It also has MIDI I/O and support for an expression pedal or aux switch. If desired, the H9 interfaces with iOS touchscreen devices through Bluetooth, or Windows and OSX systems through USB, for a GUI experience and real-time control.

The H9 comes bundled with nine classic Eventide algorithms from echos and delays to reverbs and pitch modulation, with unlimited presets using the app, and 99 built in. (You don’t need an iPhone to use this pedal, in other words!) And for those with limited pedalboard space, it offers a very accurate tuner – turn it on by stepping on both switches.

As a recording engineer and live guitarist who lives and dies by time-based effects, and has been using Eventide outboard products for years, I think the H9 is a great idea. I’m excited to test it out onstage and in the studio, and will have more to report to you soon. – Mya Byrne