If you belong to the category of guitarists who get lost when presented with too many options, J Rockett Audio Designs, out of Nashville, is your friend: the manufacturer’s latest pedal, the BOING Spring Reverb, features ONE footswitch (On/Off) and ONE knob (Mix) – there’s no way you can lose your way home in there.

This may sound extreme, but if you think about it, great records have been made for decades with just the reverb available through the guitar amps, which give you exactly the limited control offered by this pedal, which of course aims at recreating that kind of effect, i.e. the spring reverb.

The BOING is the second release in J Rockett’s Tour Series line of pedals, which was designed with the advice of many top touring artists out of Nashville and Los Angeles to address the needs that players encounter on the road (the first one was the Archer OD/Boost). – Brandon Stoner