BOSS MT-2 and DS-1

BOSS announced the release of limited-edition anniversary versions of the MT-2 Metal Zone and the SD-1 Super Overdrive, two of the longest-running and most popular models in the company’s leading lineup of compact effect pedals. The SD-1-4A celebrates 40 years of continuous production, while the MT2-3A celebrates 30 years. Each pedal features a black body with unique styling and will be available throughout 2021 only.

In 1977, the introduction of BOSS’s legendary compact pedal series forever changed the landscape of stompbox effects for guitarists, bassists, and other musicians. Famous for their great sound, rugged durability, and timeless design, BOSS compact pedals have been loved by everyone from casual hobbyists to rock icons performing on the biggest stages, and it’s difficult to find a player who hasn’t owned one or more throughout their musical life. To date, there have been over 125 unique compact pedal models produced and more than 17 million total units sold. The current lineup includes nearly 60 models, from effects like overdrive, distortion, chorus, delay, and reverb to tuners and other utility pedals.

Many BOSS compact pedal models have been continuously produced for multiple decades, and the SD-1 Super Overdrive and MT2 Metal Zone are two of the most revered. Scores of innovative and trendsetting guitarists across all genres have adopted these pedals for their core tones and used them to create some of the most popular and influential music of all time.