Daredevil Ten Tone Anniversary Fuzz

Chicago’s Daredevil is celebrating a decade of existence with the Ten Tone Anniversary Fuzz, a one-knob fuzz with a rich and complex tone, hosted in a beautiful vintage-style wedge aluminum enclosure by Hammond Mfg.

Handbuilt in Chicago, IL, this fuzz’s circuit sports individually tested Silicon transistors and it’s voiced after the vintage fuzz pedals of the ’60s, delivering a range of tones going from crunchy to huge.

Here’s the presentation video by company owner Johnny Wator.

Daredevil Ten Tone Anniversary Fuzz, Builder’s Notes

The goal was to create my ultimate favorite fuzz. An overwhelming and lengthy undertaking, but well worth the effort.”

This is an ode to vintage pedals from the 60’s, boasting both the style and simplicity of operation. The aluminum enclosure was custom built by Hammond mfg exclusively for Daredevil, heavy duty and ready for a lifetime of stage abuse. All hand wired inside, with individually tested Silicon transistors and unique asymmetrical clipping.


  • OEM exclusive vintage style wedge enclosure by Hammond Mfg
  • Silicon transistor one knob fuzz with high gain crunchy attack
  • All hand built and wired in Chicago, IL
  • 2-year warranty, takes battery or 9VDC supplies, true bypass