The wizards at EarthQuaker Devices premiered two new pedals at this year’s Winter NAMM: The Pitch Bay Dirty Polyphonic Harmonizer and the Terminal, both of which flaunt simple ideas accentuated by that signature EQD ingenuity.

The Pitch Bay includes two harmonizer knobs that function within semi-tone increments up to twelve, but only one harmonizes above the root; the second knob adds to the chord below the root note for even greater harmonic capability. As if polyphonic harmonization wasn’t enough, the pedal has an adjustable input gain too. Check out the demo below.

The Terminal focuses exclusively on fuzz and is “modeled after… the JAX fuzz, [a] re-branded Shin Ei Companion fuzz that is well loved for its buzzy sound.” Rather than the minimalistic two-knob control of the JAX fuzz, the Terminal offers much more precise control with EQ adjustment and variable “voice” selection. Here’s the demo…

If you’re familiar with EarthQuaker Devices, then you already know these pedals are definitely worth your interest. And if you’re not yet familiar with them, I suggest you check them out as soon as possible! – Eric Werner