Retroactive Pedals Dot Chaser

The PT2399 chip is found in a lot of modulated delay pedals inspired by old tape machines – you can find a list of the most popular in this section about the Best Creative PT2399-Based Echo Pedals. Nashville’s Retroactive Pedals has an intriguing stompbox that fits this profile called Dot Chaser. It has just joined that list.

The Dot Chaser is not a complicated device, but it features a simple set of controls that allows the adventurous guitarist to maximize the fun without having to delve into an intricate user interface.

The functions of the four knobs seem self-explanatory, but there’s more behind the surface. Warp controls the amount of modulation, adding well beyond what may be considered a “tasteful” amount of warble, pushing into “seasick” territory. The Volume acts not only as a level compensation control, but also adds a character reminiscent of cassette tape saturation, bordering on overdrive at higher settings. Mix and Lag do what you’d expect them to do (blend wet/dry signal and control the length of the delay).

The More footswitch allows to momentarily increase the modulation, therefore affecting the Warp settings.

This is a cool little pedal that can inspire psychedelic-leaning minds. And we should applaud sincerely the two YouTubers who did these truly incredible videos of it. This is art, folks!

PT2399 based envelope optical modulator. ‘Lag’ control manipulates the single repeat delay time, with a full wet/dry ‘mix’ knob. ‘Warp’ controls the amount of modulation from the LDR network, also equipped with a master ‘Vol’ pot. More intense or drastic modulation can be audibly heard when engaging the ‘more’ switch. enjoy.

The sensitivity of modulation achieved is based on input level.