Australian pedal builder Bondi Effect, well known for its Klon clone Sick As, kind of harnessed the popularity of that hit stompbox in the name choice department for their new compressor, the Squish As.

Based on a VCA circuit, renowned for its transparent and predictable compression, the Squish As shares some quality of optical compressors like the Teletronics LA 2A  (an automatic attack value based on the player’s dynamics) without inheriting the unwanted unpredictability.

A tilt-style Tone control, a knob rarely found on compressors, lets you add some color to the signal, while the Blend one will surely intrigue fans of parallel compression, a technique that mixes clean and compressed signals for a more subtle and more dynamic kind of… squishing.

The Squish As has a Ratio range from 1:1 (no compression) to ?:1 (limiting, in which case your signal will be prevented from trespassing the threshold set via the Sensitivity knob, which controls the level at which point the compressor starts happening.

A very useful feature is the 6 LED lights that show how much of your signal is being reduced by the compression, while the Output control can push back up your volume up to 20dB..