Wampler Ego 76 Compressor

The Wampler Ego 76 Compressor is the builder’s take on the Urei 1176-style compressor in pedal form, built on the solid foundation of the Ego compressor, and tweaked to recreate the sought-after character of a studio rack classic.

Just like the vintage original, the Ego 76 is based on a Field Effect Transistor (FET), which allow for exceptionally fast attack and release times and also have a tendency to impart a certain coloration to the signal, attributed to the non-linear transfer function of the FETs.

Just like the original EGO, this version includes the useful Blend knob to reintroduce the dry signal, which allows for a more subtle compression (aka “parallel compression). Attack and Release knobs allow for precise fine-tuning of the sound dynamics, while Tone permits a certain level of EQ tweaking. The Compress knob acts as the threshold knob in your studio compressor, progressively increasing the amount of “squish.”

Unlike the original Ego, the 76 also features a Level control, always useful to match the level of the compressed signal with the unaffected one.

Here are the videos of it!