The Chaosmic Fuzz from North Carolina’s Rabbit Hole FX is a modern take on the obscure Scrambler guitar pedal design. While most fuzz pedals tend to be one trick ponies, the Chaosmic Fuzz is a flexible octave fuzz stompbox capable of producing some really “out there” sounds.

Six knobs allow the player to dial in tones from subtle to monstrous. Standard input gain and output level knobs are there, but it’s the ‘Chaos’ knob that steals the scene: it changes the fuzz sound, and is really where the uniqueness of the pedal shines. According to the manufacturer’s notes, it does this:

“Morphs from dynamic growling fuzz tones all the way to searing upper-octave inter-modulating madness”

Another very cool feature of the control scheme is the ‘Clean’ knob, which serves as a blend between “wet” and “dry”. This is a very useful feature in a pedal that is capable of achieving complete sonic destruction like this one, allowing to dial in the original guitar, bass guitar, or keyboard tones when less extreme and more musical results are needed.

The Low and High filters are not exactly subtle, removing chunk of frequencies at their zero positions, and adding loads of them when turned up.

Rounding out the feature set are top-mounted I/O jacks, small footprint, and true bypass switching. LED brightness is also adjustable, so you’ll never misstep on stage. For the fuzzhead looking for some truly “out-of-this-world” tones, the Chaosmic Fuzz might belong in your atmosphere. -Brandon Stoner