Collision Devices Black Hole Symmetry

It’s always great to discover new devices thanks to Knobs‘ state-of-the-art videos. The Torontonian videographer was among the first ones to coverof the Black Hole Symmetry by French builder Collision Devices. This is a hand-built Delay with Modulation/Reverb with Pitch Shifting/Fuzz combo that is bound to intrigue those with shoegazing and experimental inclinations.

The delay is activated by the left footswitch and based on the PT2399 and it’s modulated by two oscillators and its repeats can be pitch-shifted. The signal then travels to a long reverb based on a FV1 chip (center footswitch) and to a “Destruction Fuzz” (right switch) engaging the big “Disintegrate” knob, which allows you to raise the overall volume by a lot.

We added this pedal to our article about the Best Pedals for Shoegaze and Ambient Music.

Check out the video below and skip to the various sections using the table of content, below:

0:44 – Overview
2:06 – Event Horizon
3:49 – Ergosphere
5:08 – Singularity
7:01 – Synth
7:55 – Outro

Check out the videos of the Collision Devices Black Hole Symmetry, below.

Collision Devices Black Hole Symmetry, Builder’s Notes

This pedal allows to you to have warm waves of sound, trembling repetitions, space sounds and of course to make a lot of noise.
Let’s enter in a new dimension. Go back in past. Or in future. We let you choose where your trip in the black hole will take you.

• Ergosphere (Modulated Delay) : It is based on the PT2399 chip to have a warm echo. The echo signal is modulated by two oscillators.

Settings : 
Mix : Proportion of wet signal in the mix
Time : Time between each repetition (From 0s to 1s)
Feedback : Number of repetitions
Modulation : Proportion of modulation in the delay signal
Speed : Speed of the main oscillator
Trimmer : Speed of the triangle oscillator
Activate switch

• Event Horizon (Space Reverb) : This long reverb is based on the FV1 chip. It harmonizes the reverb signal with a pitch shifter.

Settings : 
Mix :  Proportion of wet signal in the mix
Echo : Echo time (max 15s)
Radiancy : Proportion of pitch shifter in the echo signal
Pitch : Shift the pitch of the note
Activate switch

• Singularity (Destruction Fuzz) : The single setting “Disintegrate” allows you to raise your sound. Forget the fact that your drummer plays loudly.

Settings :

Disintegrate : Volume setting with a huge fuzz. Protect your ears please.
Activate switch