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The All Pedal Slamurai is an overdrive pedal that comes either fully built or a as DIY kit. With its 3-band EQ, soft footswitch, top-mounted jacks and sleek graphics, this is no rudimentary pedal, but a fully-fledged modern high gain overdrive that gets good reviews from metal tone connoisseurs. It does clean boost well too.

Check out the videos below to get an idea of how it sounds.

The All Pedal Slamurai Overdrive is an entry level boutique pedal kit that offers pro quality build, tone and performance for the DIY enthusiast at any skill level. This circuit delivers rich, smooth overdrive that perfectly compliments a wide range of styles, genres and amplifiers. Full color step by step instructions are included as well as tools and solder. The only thing you need is the soldering iron!

With the Slamurai™ we set out to make the most amp-like and versatile overdrive available. It has the ability to produce a wide range of tones from clean boost all the way up to more modern drive tones. It also boasts a highly tunable 3-band EQ section, designed specifically for guitar. With rugged construction, unparalleled touch sensitivity, amp-like dynamics, and versatile tone shaping onboard, the Slamurai™ will bring your tone into the way of the warrior.