Although the Centaur Klon is perhaps the most cloned circuit in the history of guitar pedals, no one before Jim Hagerman had thought about doing a version of it integrating a real tube! Enter the Hagerman TUBEKLØN – a pedal DIY kit.

Incorporating the NEOKLØN architecture, the circuit replaces the diode/opamp clipping stage with a triode, while the summing stage now drives a passive tilt-style tone control. This meticulous redesign harnesses the power of five transistors, two triodes, and eliminates the reliance on opamps entirely. The resulting tonality faithfully mirrors the original, with a notable exception at high gain, where authentic tube breakup and sag are achieved.

The TUBEKLØN kit comprises a fully assembled and tested circuit board, tube, and enclosure, facilitating ease of assembly for the end user. It is important to note that the tube requires approximately 30 seconds to warm up after power is applied, ensuring optimal performance.

We added the TUBEKLØN to our article about the best Klon clone DIY kits.