Mooer A7At a time when the mini-pedal mania seems a little long in the tooth, we are happy to report that the company that the Chinese started this trend, MOOER, is still churning out very increasingly tempting mini-pedals.

The Mooer A7 Ambiance is a new addition to the Chinese company’s New Micro Series, which offers multi-mode mini pedals with presets capabilities and a signature 7 LED layout. The “7” in A7 stands for the number of ambient and psychedelic reverb effects the pedal offers, while prolonged pressure on the footswitch enables Infinite Trails option. We are also intrigued by the Chaos knob, which, we assume, adds a touch of unexpected to each ambiance mode.

We added this pedal to our list of Best Multi-Mode Reverb Pedals.

MOOER’s reverb offerings have been substantially upgraded in the first reverb pedal in The New Micro Series. This sparkling gem features seven different reverb effects catering to far-out guitar astronauts and psychedelic space cadets. Go to infinity and beyond with the “Infinite Trail” fade out or keep things brief with the traditional “Trail On” feature. The shimmering blue finish also adds a bit of sparkly flare to any pedal setup. – 7 ambient and psychedelic reverb effects to experiment with. – Choose between INFINITE trail function or the more traditional – – “Trail On” function. – Buffer Bypass. – Storable preset for each effect. The New Micro Series pedals come feature packed with original and classic tones, numerous options for customization, and an updated form factor featuring the signature 7 LED configuration.