The Mooer Purer Octave is, in essence, V2 of the Chinese company’s old mini, multi-mode polyphinic octave pedal, the Pure Octave, dating back to the early ’10s.

For the unaware, “polyphonic” means that it can track and pitch-shift more than one note at a time, something older octave pedals could not do.

But the Purer Octave does a lot more than just shift your signal one or more octaves up and/or down: it has 15 different octave-related effects, accessible via the big rotary knob in the middle, and allows you to fine-tune the volume of the Sub and Upper octaves via the two smaller knobs on the top.

The modes include all possible combinations of single and double -1, +1, -2 and +2 octaves, and also some triple octave options, plus a Detune mode – as you can see in the screenshot below.

Mooer Purer Octave Modes

The pedal also allows storing two presets through the push button placed on top of the footswitch.

Here are the videos of it, we added the Purer Octave to our article about the best octave pedals.

Mooer Purer Octave, Builder’s Notes

MOOER has been impressing musicians around the globe since 2010 with its cutting-edge guitar pedals, and this is set to continue with the new MOOER Purer Octave pedal. MOOER has taken a minimalistic and sleek approach to the design of Purer Octave, whilst leveraging a cutting-edge repitch algorithm to go beyond the functionality of regular octave pedals.

Purer Octave provides guitarists with 15 different polyphonic octave effect combinations in addition to one detune effect. The DSP algorithm separates the high and low input frequencies to ensure every preset operates seamlessly without spectral artifacts or distortions. These two frequency bands can be isolated or combined dynamically through the independent “SUB” and “UPPER” dials, allowing guitarists to finely craft the perfect effect to suit their specific needs.

Despite the minimalistic interface, Purer Octave users can still save their own presets by using the pedal’s three-way toggle switch. Guitarists can choose whether to use the pedal’s dials in real-time to craft their sound and once they are satisfied with the effect, they can leverage the three-way switch to save their favorite effects. Bypassing the effect simply requires a foot press from the guitarist, the status of which is indicated via an LED light.

Purer Octave is presented within a compact pedal case with a glossy orange finish, complete with an intuitive and tidy user interface. The pedal provides a standardized ¼” mono input and output, powered by a 9V DC power port. These features ensure that Purer Octave can be used on the move by any guitarist, offering a truly flexible and intuitive product for octave effect perfection.


* 15 different octave effect modes
* 1 detune effect mode
* Three-way toggle switch offering a real-time effect mode and 2 preset slots
* Independent volume dials for isolated sub and upper octave voice
* Bypass foot-switch
* Industry-standard ¼” mono input and output
* Glossy orange finish
* Tidy and intuitive user interface
* LED light indicator of bypass status
* 9V DC power port