MOOER Tender Octaver X2
The MOOER Tender Octaver X2 focuses on pitch shifting by octaves , offering two different modes for adding subjacent and upper octaves. The pedal that has two rotatable dials for each octave mode, one for adjusting the volume and one for adjusting the tone. It also has a “Direct” dial for controlling the dry signal volume. The two footswitches control each octave mode separately,  also allowing the use both octave modes at the same time, creating a tri-octave effect.

The pedal has 14 preset slots, where the user can save and recall their preferred settings with the “Save” button. The pedal has seven LED lights that show the available slots, which can be selected with the two octave footswitches. The LED lights change color from blue to red to indicate the first or the second half of the slots.

The pedal can be powered by a DC 9V power supply, which is included in the package, and connected to a guitar with a standard 1/4″ guitar cable. The Tender Octaver X2 is a new addition to MOOER’s octave pedal range, and it can be combined with the “Pure” or the “Purer” Octave pedals to achieve various pitch-shift effects.