Eventide Rose

Eventide hadn’t released a single function pedal in a while, focusing all their energy in the last few years in the development and expansion of the H9, a very innovative and powerful digital stompbox that gathered – in one small device – all the digital goods of their previous effects for guitars.

This is why it’s very… eventful for them to unveil a new pedal, in particular considering that it doesn’t look like anything they did before. It appears to the first one in a series, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for new releases.

The Rose is presented like an exquisite digital emulation of a bucket brigade delay that – thanks to its “digitality” – can do things analog can’t do.

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Although it looks a lot simpler (and waaay prettier) than their Timefactor delay, it still includes crucial features like customizable presets and guitar/line input switch. More info below.


  • Five customizable factory presets
  • Analog Mix, Low Pass Filter, and Feedback
  • Six tactile knobs: mix, feedback, depth, delay, filter and rate
  • Invert phase flips the output phase with respect to the input phase for short delay times
  • Reverse delay plays the delay line backwards
  • Delay Multiplier increases the delay by either 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x
  • Assignable HotSwitch: Tap Tempo, Delay Repeat, Mod Hold, Mod Reset, A/B)
  • Multiple modulation sources: Sine, Square, Random, Envelope and External
  • Expression / Auxiliary / MIDI TRS input
  • Three different bypass types: Buffered, Relay, Kill Input
  • Accepts Line or Instrument Levels
  • The delay line’s clock can be swept over a wide range with delay time varying from .01 sec to 50 seconds.

Here’s the video Eventide shot directly inside our NAMM 2019 Stompbox Booth!

See more of our pedal demo shot at NAMM 2019 with 60 Cycle Hum here. We also have a list organized by kind of effect in two pages here and here.

Eventide Rose, Builder’s Notes

The beauty of a bucket brigade delay but with none of its limitations. Rose is the culmination of 5 years of R&D harkening back to the 1745 DDL, the original Digital Delay Line. Rather than effects running on a DSP chip, Rose is a simple, pristine, super-modulated, digital delay line (DDL) combined with all analog circuitry bred for mixing, filtering and feedback. The sound is exquisite and the range of effects wide, but Rose is not for the faint of heart! Rose’s sample clock can be modulated over a wide range with up to 50 seconds of delay. With six knobs, reverse audio, five modulation sources, five presets, tap tempo, as well as MIDI/aux switch/expression pedal, Rose offers the ultimate in versatility, whether in the garden or in the field.

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Anthony Agnello is perhaps the most respected and creative sonic manipulator in the history of sound processing technology. He’s one of our true geniuses. When sonic manipulation was in its infancy, Tony designed almost all of the early Eventide gear, starting with the historical H910. This was the introduction to pitch shifting, delay, feedback regeneration and other unique features that are standard in the industry today. So whenever an artist uses a device that includes these parameters, we can thank Anthony and his team. And he is still with Eventide developing innovative products.

Tony is on a mission to create audio effects that harken back to the earliest days of digital audio; to a time when digital was capable of nothing more than simple delay. To a time before standards for sample rate were dictated by the industry.

Tony instructed his team to create a platform that is “as analog as possible” yet open-ended. Tony believes that this research, this approach, will yield a family of products that sound and behave differently than modern DSP-based effects.

A small number of experimental prototypes of a guitar pedal, a Rose Pedal, were fabricated and six of them were placed in the hands of guitarists that Tony personally approached. Steve Vai is one of those players. This experimental wild Rose is unwieldy and will never exist as a product. The design is being refined, tamed.

But here, Tony has agreed to donate his personal experimental Rose for this auction. It is one of a kind built by one of our true geniuses.

More than 23000 guitar effects pedals from 4000 brands: