NativeAudio Ghost Ridge Reverb

Red House Electronics recently changed their name to NativeAudio, here are a few demos of their Ghost Ridge, a multi-function digital reverb.

It’s a two knob/two footswitch multi-function reverb (Hall, Spring, Plate, and Room) with modulation and preset capabilities in a compact case.

Check out the videos below and the notes under them for more info.

The Ghost Ridge is multi-reverb pedal designed with simplicity in mind. The Ghost Ridge offers four unique reverb algorithms: hall, plate, room, and spring. In addition, the Ghost Ridge includes up to four programmable presets. All of this is loaded into a pedalboard-friendly enclosure with: buffered bypass switching and top-mounted jacks.

Mix: Controls the amount of reverb introduced to the instrument’s signal. Counterclockwise will result in only the dry signal, while rotating clockwise will result in only the wet signal.

Depth: Controls the fade time for the reverb’s refections. Counterclockwise will result in quick loss of reflections, while rotating clockwise will cause near-infinite reflections.

Mod: Controls the modulation added to the reverb’s tails. Counterclockwise will result in no modulation, while rotating clockwise will increase the rate and depth of modulation.

On (hold): Toggles between bypass and effect. Hold the switch to enter the reverb selection mode. Note: the Ghost Ridge utilizes buffered bypassing to allow for an organic fade out of reflections when the reverb is bypassed.

Preset (save): When pressed, the foot switch alternates between the four presets. Hold the switch to enter the save routine.

How to change the reverb type:

  • Hold the on (hold) foot switch.
  • Rotate the mix knob to one of the four corners.
  • While rotating, one of four LEDs will light up representing the following:
    • 1 – hall
    • 2 – plate
    • 3 – room
    • 4 – spring
  • Release the on (hold) foot switch to finalize reverb selection.

How to edit the modulation:

  • Hold the on (hold) foot switch.
  • Rotate the depth knob to desired setting.
  • Release the on (hold) foot switch to finalize selection.

How to save a preset:

  • Hold the preset (save) foot switch until a preset LED begins to blink.
  • Once blinking, press the preset (save) foot switch to alternate between preset banks.
  • To finalize save, hold the preset (save) until LED stops blinking.