NativeAudio Kiaayo Overdrive

Mike Trombley’s NativeAudio unveiled a new pedal that represents the builder’s debut in the gain realm: the Kiaayo Overdrive.

Faithful to the company’s somewhat deceiving “less is more” approach, the Kiaayo hides a lot of engineering ingenuity under its three-knob layout.

The designer’s priority was to create a dynamic overdrive that sounds great no matter what settings are dialed in, and capable of delivering a variety of tones from clean to almost distorted, and with a tone knob that could offer a wide range of coloration.

The character of the drive was achieved through a circuit featuring dynamic-asymmetrical clipping that can work at 9v or 18v, a pre-gain low-pass filter, and an adaptable gain configuration designed to make the pedal work ideally with a diverse range of instruments and musical styles. The Tone knob allows tailoring to the amp’s character or variations to the frequency response.

Other features include a footswitch that works both as an on/off or a momentary trigger and top-mounted jacks.

Hear the sound of the NativeAudio Kiaayo Overdrive in the videos below.



The Kiaayo is based on the idea that less-is-more and provides a streamlined interface for an unlimited overdrive experience. Implementing a 3-knob layout, the Kiaayo offers an adaptable-gain configuration, distinctive pre-gain low-pass filter, and dynamic-asymmetrical clipping. The result is an amp-like overdrive that responds to the dynamics of your playing for sustained leads and articulate chording.


  • Adaptable-gain configuration designed to make the Kiaayo the overdrive solution for a diverse range of instruments and musical styles.

  • Pre-gain filter aimed to reduce aggressive harmonics which in-return provides a smooth and warmer overdrive experience.

  • Independent volume, gain, and tone parameters to allow for total customization of overdrive tones.

  • Asymmetrical clipping tuned to provide a dynamic tube-like response.

  • 9-18VDC operation provides adjustable headroom for additional overdrive capabilities.

  • Smart switching system to engage effect in either momentary or latching mode for expanded operational capability.

  • Top-mounted instrument and power jacks designed to save and reduce pedalboard space.

Power: 9-18VDC, 22mA (center negative)

Dimensions: 2.6”x4.77” (W x L)

Manual (PDF)

About the Artwork:

Kiaayo (key-eye-yo) pays tribute to my Blackfeet (Amsskaapipiikuni) heritage and is the Blackfeet translation meaning bear. Blackfeet tradition tells the story of a missing child who was found and raised by a bear. The bear was wise, imparting lessons of strength and fearlessness. Winter had passed, and the child grew into a young man. Using the knowledge that the bear had imparted; the young man overcame opposition and later became a great chief. The artwork for the Kiaayo features the wise and nurturing bear walking amongst the Glacier Mountain terrain of the Blackfeet Nation.