MXR Duke of Tone

After releasing a mini version of the legendary Timmy overdrive with the original designer, with the release of the MXR Duke of Tone overdrive, the established pedal builder lands another highly significant collaboration with Connecticut’s Analog Man, one of the pioneers of boutique pedals.

The Duke is a (mini) descendant of the Analogman Prince of Tone, a Tube Screamer-style overdrive with more drive and a much wider sonic range, thanks to its three-way toggle that delivers Boost, OD, and Dist Voices. The three knob controls of the original are also replicated here: Volume, Gain, and Tone.

All components were personally tested by Analog Mike to meet the standards of the original.

For those who appreciate extra headroom, the Duke of Tone can also run at 18v.

Check out the launch videos of the MXR Duke of Tone, below.

MXR Duke of Tone (with Analogman), Builder’s Notes

MXR’s Duke of Tone overdrive is the royal descendant of Analog Man’s Prince of Tone pedal, designed in collaboration with Analog Mike himself. The Duke of Tone’s through-hole components were personally tested by Analog Mike to meet the exacting specifications of the Analog Man original. The result is a rich, harmonic-laden dirt sound with maximum transparency. A standard 3-knob control layout will be familiar to any stompbox aficionado, but the Duke of Tone truly shines with its 3-way selector switch. Looking for a high-headroom boost to stack with another OD? How about an amazingly versatile overdrive tone? Full-on distortion? The Duke of Tone does it all while retaining each and every subtle nuance of your setup’s guitar and amplifier tone!

3-way OD/Boost/Dist switch

Don’t be fooled by the Duke of Tone’s compact size — this little pedal is built to cover the entire sonic spectrum of dirt! Its 3-way switch contains OD, Boost, and Distortion settings to set your tonal attitude.

OD: Overdrive mode is packed to the brim with rich saturation and plenty of tube-style grit! This mode is an incredibly versatile OD that runs the gamut of medium-gain tones.

Boost: This setting is the most transparent and boasts a huge headroom. Sweetwater guitarists find that it’s an excellent choice when stacking multiple OD pedals or giving your amp a final push into high-octane territory.

Dist: Distortion mode takes everything great about the Boost and OD modes, then cranks it up to 11, offering a harmonic-rich aggression that perfectly retains your guitar and amp’s distinct character.


  • Collaboration between legendary pedal builders Analog Man and MXR
  • Based on Analog Man’s Prince of Tone Overdrive
  • Designed for maximum tonal transparency
  • 3-way Boost/OD/Distortion switch allows you to cover the entire sonic range of dirt tones
  • Retains every nuance of your base setup’s tone
  • Can be run via 18V for even greater clarity and higher headroom