In the last few years, releasing guitar pedals that can, as if by magic, recreate the sound of legendary guitarists from the past has become increasingly popular among big and small builders, and the Missing Link Audio AC/OD aims at putting AC/DC’s Angus Young’s tone at your toe tips.

Among the hard rockers of the ’70s, Young at the peak of his career had a rather standard, not too high-gain overdriven tone, mostly based on Plexi-style amps like the Marshall JCM Super Lead amps. And that’s precisely why this pedal is designed to be left on all the time just like an amp.

Its high impedance input and circuit based on two premium dual opamps let the unadulterated sound of the gain stages uncompressed come through, while the Tone knob has a wide range that helps tailor the tone to any amp.

This pedal is all about tone, hence, listen to it in the videos below. We added it to our article about the Best Plexi-style pedals.

New Pedal: Missing Link Audio AC/OD Overdrive, Builder’s Notes

One of the Biggest Rock Bands in History Created a Magical Tone Players Dream of and Now that Tone is Available with the AC/Overdrive.

It Nails the Angus Tone. From the days of “High Voltage” to the “Back in Black” . Dial in Malcom with the Turn of a Knob… From Boost to Hot overdrive to complete tube-like saturation are all possible!

High input impedance lets you pull out every note of your guitar’s natural tone. Volume lets you adjust from below unity gain to a significant boost. The pedal is designed to leave on all of the time and use your guitar’s volume control to dial in fat rhythm tones to a perfect lead tone with the turn of the knob.

It has a wide range of tonal control. It pans from fat and thick chewy guitar. Gain control lets you adjust the gain to the perfect amount for your tonal needs, from sweet and sassy to gnarly. The pedal uses a pair of carefully chosen premium dual opamps for the best tonal balance possible. It’s the raw sound of the gain stages uncompressed, which is in our opinion a very underused guitar tone.

*True bypass. 9v dc power supply. Power supply not included.