Any pedal connoisseur will instantly link an orange MXR pedal with the company’s renown Phase 90, the pedal that pretty much defined the sound of phaser since its release in 1974. The company’s new phaser, the MXR Deep Phase, is also orange, but represents another take on phaser, in all likelihood inspired by the sound of a competing line: the Small Stone ones by Electro-Harmonix.

Described as crystal clear with a pronounced swoosh, scooped midrange, and a dynamic, voice-like response to your attack,” the Deep Phase sports knobs for Speed and Feedback (aka intensity), and offers two modes: stock mode is 4 stages (smoother sounding) while mode II doubles that to 8 stages, which delivers a more textured effect.

The two knobs and two modes can deliver a wide variety of phasing effects, you can hear them in the videos below.


The MXR Deep Phase Pedal delivers uniquely expressive vintage phaser tones with the impeccable build quality and tweakabiity that MXR is famous for.

Based on an iconic vintage circuit, the sound of the Deep Phase Pedal is crystal clear with a pronounced swoosh, scooped midrange, and a dynamic, voice-like response to your attack. Whether you’re digging in for fat, fluid chords or gently evoking tranquil textured melodies, this pedal will adapt to your playing intensity. It plays very well with the low end of the spectrum, too, so it sounds incredible on bass. While the original suffered from a serious volume drop when engaged, the Deep Phase Pedal has been carefully designed to match your level when you kick the switch.

From smooth and subtle to turbulent and intense.
With just two knobs and a switch, the Deep Phase Pedal offers a wide range of phase tones, from subtle liquid shifting to thick, swirling turbulence. The Speed knob adjusts the effect rate, while the FDBK knob adjusts the intensity and sharpness of the phase peaks. By default, the Deep Phase Pedal runs on 4 phase shifter stages for a smooth effect. The Mode II switch doubles that to 8 stages for twice the number of peaks and a more animated texture.

Compact and reliably built.
The MXR Deep Phase Pedal comes in a road-ready MXR mini housing that will take up hardly any space on your pedalboard.