API Audio TranZformer CMP Compressor

It’s not unusual to find the words “studio-quality” associated with guitar pedals like reverbs or compressors. However, very few pedal builders have much experience building gear that’s actually made for the studio. That’s not the case for API Audio, a pro audio company that specializes in mixing consoles and channel strips. When they say that their new CMP compressor pedal is “studio-quality,” they mean it.

The CMP incorporates API’s legendary VCA-type compressor circuit and adapts it to the guitar pedal format, providing controls for Blend for parallel compression, and Sustain, which controls compression, perceived loudness, and punchiness.

Attack and Release can also be set through two toggle switches for faster or slower responses.

Another toggle switch delivers two compression modes:

NEW mode uses feedforward compression and gives a more modern compressed tone.
OLD mode uses feedback compression and provides a smoother, more-vintage character.

Here’s the API Audio TranZformer CMP Compressor in action. Check out also the Api Audio GTR, an EQ/Overdrive pedal.

The API Select TranZformer® CMP incorporates API’s legendary VCA-type compressor circuit into a versatile and compact guitar effects pedal. Designed to easily fit into your pedal board and engineered to run off standard 9V power supplies, the CMP gives you classic studio-quality compression right at your feet. Other features include a buffered bypass in/out footswitch, adjustable attack and release times, wet/dry blend control, selectable “feedback” and “feedforward” compressor styles, transformer output, and of course the classic API sound.

• Proprietary API 2510 OpAmp
• Signature API output transformer
• Adjustable attack and release times
• Wet/dry blend control
• Selectable feedback/feedforward compressor styles
• Buffered bypass