We somehow missed the release of the Mojo Hand FX Octaverse earlier this year, and it’s a shame because it looks like one of the coolest pedals released by the Michigan-based company in some time: it’s a reverse delay with an added up-or-down octave circuit.

The idea is quite unique but very simple: three knobs for Rate, Mix and Feedback and one push button that switches the octave from up to down. The octave can’t be removed from the effect, and the Mix control will adjust the ratio between the dry signal and the reverse delay with the octave effect on it.

Everything else is pretty straightforward, but have a listen to the cavernous and pretty textural tones it can produce in the videos below.

We added the Mojo Hand FX Octaverse to our article about the best crazy, cool and weird delay pedals.

Mojo Hand FX Octaverse, Builder’s Notes

The Octaverse is a dedicated reverse octave delay with a selectable High or Low octave. Functions that were previously available only on some high priced multi function delays are now easily attainable with this simple pedal design. The Octaverse adds a new pedal twist to the tools of any ambient musician!

• The octave pushbutton selects whether the delay is an octave up or an octave down.
• Mix controls the dry/wet ratio of the delay. Fully left is dry (no delay), fully right is 100% wet.
• Rate adjusts the delay time.
• Feedback adjusts the amount of repeats. At the maximum setting, there is a near-infinite amount of repeats without self-oscillation that slowly fades out over several minutes mintues. This makes it easy to dial in lengthy textures and pads that are easily controllable.

Additional Info/Power:
-True Bypass
-Standard center negative 9V DC supply (not included). No 9v battery connector.
-Current draw: ~70mA