The Mojo Hand FX GRRRocker is a limited edition overdrive pedal only available on Bandcamp fruit of a collaboration between the pedal builder and the Girls Rock Grand Rapids.

It’s a Blues Breaker-inspired circuit with the classic three knobs (volume, tone, and gain) and an extra distortion trimmer pot placedbehind the back panel.

Here’s how it sounds.

Mojo Hand FX GRRRocker Overdrive, Builder’s Notes

Mojo Hand FX has partnered with Girls Rock! Grand Rapids (GR!GR) to develop the GRRRocker, a limited edition overdrive pedal with a special sound and story. Modeled after the Bluesbreaker circuit, it features a classic, clean overdrive with a hint of crunch. With the straightforward interface, you’ll be surprised by what you get within this small package. Along with the volume, tone, and gain controls, you can further customize your sound with the distortion trimmer pot found behind the back panel. It’s the perfect pedal for a new guitar player crafting their sound or for the seasoned expert looking for a smooth and straightforward overdrive.