Free The Tone Red Jasper RJ-2V

The Free The Tone Red Jasper RJ-2V is the redesigned reissue of this popular Japanese low-gain overdrive that had to be discontinued in 2018 due to component shortage.

This is a pedal whose smooth highs, punchy mids, full yet tight lows, and natural compression resemble the tone of a tube amp on the verge of breakup.

A mode switch opens up four modes of cut-off frequencies, for different low-end character, while the Hi-Cut knob gently cuts the amount of high-end in a way similar to the electric guitar’s tone knob.

Here’s the first video of it!

Here’s a video of the original from 2014:

Free The Tone Red Jasper RJ-2V, Builder’s Notes

The RJ-1V RED JASPER won popularity as FREE THE TONE’s first low gain drive pedal but was discontinued in 2018 because some of its component parts became difficult to obtain. Now, after three years the RED JASPER has come back. Again the RED JASPER “RJ-2V” features a sound resembling that of vintage tube amps, namely, smooth highs, punchy mids, full but tight lows, and natural and pleasing compression feel. We carefully examined and selected every component to refine the sound of this product.

In general the sonic output of an overdrive unit in the lower registers varies with its gain setting and the type of guitar or amp/cabinet used. There would be many occasions where you wish to correct an excess or deficiency of the lower register components. The RJ-2V newly adds a mode switch to select from four modes of different low frequency characteristics (cut-off frequencies). With this you can adjust the lower register output to suit the characteristics of your guitar/amplifier.

In addition the RED JASPER has a HI-CUT tone circuit to adjust higher registers. We adopted a passive circuit with minimum phase error in the guitar signal to attain high-fidelity amplification, to get natural tone, and to keep guitar’s original timbre. This circuit provides a natural change like the tone control on a guitar and turning the knob counterclockwise cuts highs gently. From a subtle whispering tone to a powerful and persistent drive sound, it can output your guitar sound expressively. Try the RED JASPER, our newly reborn drive pedal.

• Carefully chosen high reliability components.
• Passive type tone circuit (hi-cut) to minimize phase error in guitar signal.
• Mode switch to select low end frequency characteristics from four settings.
• Astoundingly excellent signal-to-noise ratio.
• FREE THE TONE’s original HTS (Holistic Tonal Solution) circuit is implemented. Unlike conventional buffer circuits, the HTS circuit attains both “sound” and “low noise” by performing impedance conversion while fully bringing out sound characteristics of the guitar. The HTS circuit prevents degradation of guitar timbre even when the effect is turned off.
• There’s no need to worry about phase reversal: the output signal is in the same phase as the input signal.

Mode selector switch setting
The low end of the bass range is gradually cut from setting A to setting D.

Setting A SW1: ON / SW2: ON
Setting B SW1: ON / SW2: OFF
Setting C SW1: OFF / SW2: ON (* Left figure: Factory default setting)
Setting D SW1: OFF / SW2: OFF