Caroline Guitar Somersault

The Caroline Guitar Somersault is an ’80s inspired, wide-ranging and creative Chorus/Vibrato with two LFO waves (the classic Triangle the glitchy and pulsing Square) and a Tone knob that can dial in lo-fi tones. Modulation can get extreme at high depth settings, approaching pitch-bended slapback chorus territory. A momentary footswitch ramps up the speed to maximum.

We added it to our article about the Best Chorus Pedals.


This one sparks joy! Our SOMERSAULT™ is the chorus-y/vibrato-y/faux-rotary device our customers have asked us to make for years. So now it’s time.

From seasick wobbles to glitchy bleep-bloops and “I think I can” huffs and puffs, the crazy sounding stuff was actually the easy part for us. So once you’re done maxing out different settings to hear what kinds of bizarre wowie-zowie sounds you can make with this thing, we encourage you to explore the subtleties of how each control interacts with the others, and the remarkable range of sounds that you can quickly and intuitively dial in. Gentle, lagging vibrato, 1980s style choruses, and even some doubling effects are possible…and then, turn up & go wild again.

SOMERSAULT™ applies a similar framework as our popular KILOBYTE™ and MÉTÉORE™ pedals. While the digital chip sets the delayed wet signal, the initial gain stage, dry signal, LFO, control set and output mixing stage are entirely analog. The end result sounds rich and fat, with the same robust feel and power our customers have come to expect from our work.