Menatone Dirty B Overdrive
The Menatone Dirty B Overdrive (previously known as “Dirty Blonde”) is a fantastically dynamic low-medium gain OD that recalls the blonde tolex amps of the early 60’s. Tons of responsiveness and expression with a singing midrange and control over the amount of compression using the Soul control.

A downright American beauty! The Menatone Dirty Blonde is based on those great blonde tolexed American amps from the early ’60s. With its big, round bottom end and a twangy, sweet top, this beauty queen will definetly turn some heads.

But don’t let her pretty face fool you. With the PUSH control this sweet girl can turn into a raging bitch in no time, adding a huge midrange punch and roar. The Dirty Blonde is perfect for country, blues, rockabilly, or any other rootsy style that calls for a woody kick and a gnarly snarl that cuts through the band with ease.