Dirty Haggard Beast Mountain

Beast Mountain by Portland-based Dirty Haggard is at once a band (in which the company’s one-man-dude Nick plays bass) and a colorful, three-knob high-gain pedal.

Built with hard rock and metal guitarists in mind, the Beast Mountain offers symmetrical and asymmetrical soft clipping with a tight low end that works well for palm-muting, and a mid-range hump with clarity and note definition.

It also features a subtle noise gate that won’t interfere with sustain.

Hear the distortion produced by the Dirty Haggard Beast Mountain in the video below.

The Beast Mountain is a heavy-drive/distortion pedal with hard rock and metal music in mind. It has a very tight low end for clear, articulate palm-muting, a midrange-forward voicing to center the guitar in a mix or push a bass forward, extremely low noise-floor, and has optimal clarity and note definition.

The circuit features both symmetrical and asymmetrical soft clipping stages for complex harmonics, a very gentle hard-wired noise gate (which will not clamp-down on sustain), extra power-supply and input RF filtering for ultra-quiet operation, the typical 3-knob lineup that every musician is familiar with, and both input and output buffering so it will play nicely with all of your other gear.

The controls from left to right are: Input gain / treble / output volume.

9 or 18V operation
8mA current draw (at 9V)

Beast Mountain is the band in which I play bass. Check us out!