Wilson Effects This Is The Art

Hailing from Guilford, IN, Wilson Effects unveiled a new pedal dedicated to those guitarists who find solace in the scooped tones of the Trash Metal heroes of the ’80s, like Overkill, Testament and Pantera: the This Is The Art overdrive/distortion.

Notwithstanding its rebellious DNA, the device in question cleans up nicely at lower gain setting, to deliver sweet overdrive tones. A Mod toggle unleashes more headroom and volume, while the Shape knob allows you to fine-tune the amount of scooped mids – dialing it back will deliver a more open tube-amp sound.

The rest is pretty straightforward, with knobs for Gain, Level, Treble and Bass.

Hear the tones of the Wilson Effects This Is The Art in the videos below.

From light overdriven tones to scooped 80’s thrash metal tones This is the Art takes me back to the days of DRI, Overkill, Testament and Pantera just to name a few of the bands that come to mind when this pedal was created. Not only can you get killer metal tones out of it, the pedal cleans up very nicely for beautiful overdriven tones. The mod switch allows you to use the pedal in it’s natural state with a more compressed sound with the switch to the left. Flip the switch to the right and the pedal gains a ton of headroom and volume. The Shape control allows you to scoop the mids section for that early thrash tone or you can dial it back for a more open tube amp sound. This control also brings the tTreble & Bass control into play and allows you to custom tailor your sound even further. This is the Art carries the standard one year warranty on parts and labor and is hand made right here in Guilford, Indiana by none other than me. If you happen to have any other questions about this or any other Wilson Effects pedal please feel free to contact me through the contact form on the Home page or by email.