The Mu-Tron Bi-Phase II is an analog pedal that simulates the sound of the Musitronics Bi-Phase pedal, a legendary phase effect from the 1970s. The Bi-Phase II has a smaller and more convenient design than the original, as it can be powered by standard power supplies, has a reversed signal flow for easier connection, and has a more balanced and user-friendly interface. The Bi-Phase II also has some new features, such as the OptoMod Phase-Light technology, which uses LEDs to indicate the phase modulation, and the 4-stage modes, which offer different feedback levels for various rock tones. The Bi-Phase II has a Control Voltage input that allows the user to adjust the Rate or Depth parameters with an external controller, creating expressive and dynamic sounds. The Bi-Phase II also has a Control Voltage output that enables the user to connect multiple Bi-Phase II pedals for more complex phase effects.