The King Of Gear Pitch Magpie has three modes: Glis Mode, Res Mode, and Vib Mode. Each mode is based around the same core pitch shifter, but each offers a unique effect.

  • Glis Mode generates an auto-slide, adding a pitch slide when the input signal goes over a certain threshold. The slide time is controlled by the param knob, which also selects between two slide shapes (basic or U-shaped).
  • Res Mode applies a resonant filter, selectable between lowpass and highpass with random modulation options. There‚Äôs always a bit of resonance, but turning up the overtone knob adds even more, with feedback and oscillation at extreme high settings.
  • Vib Mode applies vibrato to the wet signal. Setting the pitch knob to center bypasses the pitch shifter, allowing you to create chorus effects by blending the dry signal. It can even work as a random vibrato (tape warble) with the param knob at max

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