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Aviate Audio, the company behind the Airpatch wireless pedal switching system, announced at our NAMM 2023 Stompbox Booth that their Multiverse multi-fx pedal is now shipping. This is a platform that allows users to create their own effects and add them to a growing library of unique effects.

Players can use the Aviate Audio Designer software to craft a whole pedalboard and save it to their Multiverse pedal. Aviate intends to expand the effects library by bringing in outside developers and even existing builders who can create their own effects using Aviate’s proprietary software.


The controls on the pedal itself are simple and any parameter can be assigned to any knob through the Audio Designer software. In our NAMM demo, Aviate showed us some ambient effects, filtering, flanging, and distortion.

Aviate Audio Multiverse, Builder’s Notes

Multiverse connects you to a growing library of effects by a variety of independent developers. Access new sounds instantly via the Audio Shop and
configure your pedalboards using the included Multiverse Designer software for desktop.

Each Developer Edition pedal comes with the Aviate Audio Effect Creator app, so you can develop and test your own digital effects.

The Multiverse pedal runs your custom effects chains & boasts a variety of routing options including stereo. Effect parameters can be assigned to any of the hardware controls (see tech specs for list of assignable hardware controls).