Joyo D-Seed II

The Joyo D-Seed II is an affordable digital, Stereo in/out, multi-delay pedal with Tap Tempo and a Looper that’s getting a fair amount of attention from ambient players. It stands out for some rather unique features.

It offers 8 delay modes and a loop mode, including Reverse, Modulation, Space, filter and Lo-Fi (plus all the usual suspects). The Time Knob looks like a rotary knob that locks at 1/4, 1/8 and 16th notes etc. but it actually a regular control without locking slots, and produces the classic “swoops” typical of analog delays when adjusted live.

Although it’s presented in the “sub-title” as a “Dual Channel” delay, it is not, as in, it does not have a dual delay engine, but it is a Stereo pedal, so maybe that’s what that “Dual” is meant to signify. However, it can produce enhanced Stereo effects in any mode thanks to a rather unique Ping Pong switch, which alternates the main repeats on the left and right channels.

The Looper is a cool and useful add-on, in particular for those who like to experiment. It can play underneath your delay and its level, tone and delay send can be controlled through alternative function for the Level, Feedback and Time Beat knobs.

Check out the videos below. We added the Joyo D-Seed II to our list of Best Multi-Delay Pedals.

The first generation of D-SEED was well received, then JOYO gathered numerous feedbacks from customers and launched D-SEED II stereo delay, which brings brand new algorithms, and provides 8 different delays. Various effects are listed as below: Space, LO-FI, Filter, Tape, Copy, Analog, Modulation and Reverse.

Moreover, there’s a neat feature, D-SEED II has a toggle that allows you to add stereo PingPong effect to the delay, which means you can hear vivid spinning sound around.

Tap Tempo is one of its functions, you can set the time of the delay with only one foot.

D-SEED II also features a LOOPER function, you can get 3.5 minutes of recording time in total, buy this delay and you get a looper for free!


•Stereo input and Stereo output.

•8 delay modes, supports a maximum of 2000ms delay time.

•Controllers: Type, Time beat or Looper.FX, Level, F.back or Looper.Tone, PingPong toggle, Favorite or REC/DUB, Bypass or PLAY/STOP.

•Features LOOPER function, tape recording simulation effect can be added as for playback.

•Set TAP TEMPO with one foot.

•Pingpong modes are available for each delay effect, offering optimum stereo effects

•Features Favorite function, you can save one of your favorite tones.