Joyo AC Tone

Not all cheap pedals disappoint! The Joyo AC Tone is a well-regarded and insanely affordable take on the Vox-style amp-in-a-box.

Surprisingly feature-rich, it can be used as a normal drive / EQ pedal or as an amp sim at the end of your pedal chain into a PA or direct into your audio interface. It has a 3-band EQ as well as a voice control that allows for lots of tonal possibilities.

Joyo AC Tone, Builder’s Notes

Our AC Tone pedal reproduces the sound of a Vox AC30 amplifier–that classic British rock sound all guitarists dream about.

  • Level and Drive controls add incredible range.
  • Modeling achieves famous VOX AC-30 tone.
  • Distortion is warm and natural, with subtlety in mind.
  • 6 knobs allow complete control over pedal dynamics.
  • Whole aluminium-alloy housing classic stoving varnish finish, stable and strong.